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Local Elections Matter


Last day to register before  election  October  7


November 5, 2019


In 2016, I started Partnership for Positive Progress PAC to highlight and bring more awareness to local elections and their impact. Yet, most important there was a dearth of platforms and avenues to encourage and financially support local progressive candidates.

As a woman of color, I have always been concerned about issues facing women, minorities, and underrepresented populations. There are workable solutions and actions available that can warrant these voices are being heard and represented at the table.

Partnership for Positive Progress Political Action Committee (P4PP-PAC) will continue to increase civic and social engagement initiatives through supporting progressive candidates. Candidates who are committed to creating and implementing workable solutions that can ensure all voices, especially those of underrepresented populations are being heard and represented at the table.


In order for us to have a more inclusive form of government, we need to do two things: 

 1) VOTE  and  2) VOTE for candidates who truly have our best interest.


Money should not deter great candidates from holding office!


Dennis Bossick, Monica Gracia, 

Eric Steadle, and Dontae Comans 

on your School Board wins.


Ian Petrulli and Ariel Haughton

on your Borough Council wins.


Your contribution will make a direct impact for candidates to get their messaging out there, website development, mailings, yard signs, and other needed resources. As we know, it takes money to run a formidable campaign!


Thank you in advance for your support!